The vast province of Guanacaste is located in the North West of Costa Rica. It is the largest province in the country, and home to several national parks, volcanoes, interesting and unique local culture and some of the most amazing beaches in Costa Rica. Some highlights are the Nicoya Peninsula, Samara Beach, Nosara, Carrillo, Palo Verde National Park, Barra Honda National Park and much more. The small old part of the town of Nicoya as well as the small vilages in the outskirts are also worth a visit while visiting us.

Guanacaste Costa Rica

Guanacaste beaches


Guanacaste is considered the most important tourist destination in Costa Rica. The province has diverse attractions that include beach, mountains, rivers, lakes and forests, which have been highlighted in many occasions by magazines, websites, commercials and programs, both national and international television channels. National and foreign tourism is attracted by the opportunity to carry out activities that invite you to relax, forget about stress and enjoy, as well as practice water sports, extreme sports, hiking and observation of biodiversity. Some activities include surfing, national parks, trekking, mountain biking, relaxing on the beach, scuba diving, snorkeling, sport fishing and so much more.


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Guanacaste is one of the most striking regions of the country for its folklore and color, with diverse cultural aspects that have resulted from the mixture of traditions originating from the Mesoamerican indigenous people who populated the area, added to the cultural heritage of the Spanish, Creole and Africans since colonial times.


Samara Beach Reviews

We provide you with several reasons and highlights that will help you consider Samara as your next vacation destination. Contact us anytinme for more information


What to do in Samara

Ready for going on a boat tour in search of dolphins, or are you interested in a kayaking and snorkeling trip to Chora Island ? Trips and actviities in the area.


Where to eat ?

The comunity is also famous for the abundant variety in Restaurants and Bars, from little local SODAS to gourmet Italian and French dining, you will find it all ...