If you ask yourself, why you should choose Hotel Giada, in Samara Beach, Guanacaste Costa Rica as your vacation getaway, please read the following brief descriptions and some reasons why Costa Rica is the ideal country to spend your next vacation trip.

Costa Rica

Guanacaste beaches

Beaches and National Parks

Costa Rica is a small country, but one that hosts the most biodiversity in the world. In this little peaceful country, where it is still safe to travel, the visitor will find tropical rainforests, tropical dry forests, misty cloud forests, paramo, friendly and charming people, small little towns, healthy development and services, national parks, volcanoes, amazing beaches and two coastlines…. All in only 51 000 Square Kilometers. Currently, around 30 % of the country is protected, and tourism is developing hand in hand, every year more so, towards a sustainable development. Samara Beach is such an example, where development has happen, but the essence of the small, cozy and easy going charming beach community lifestyle is still present and enhanced.

Costa Rica

Nature and ecotourism

There are many activities the visit can enjoy in almost all regions, from exhilarating adventure tours, such as canopy and rafting, hiking, caving and trekking, to more relaxing activities, such as simply relaxing by a hotel pool, drink a cocktail, enjoy the beach or more easy going activities, such as walking inside a national park, snorkeling, canoeing, diving, fishing ore so many more options. Please feel free to contact us in case you wish to have some more advice not only about Samara Beach and Guanacaste, but also the rest of Costa Rica.


Samara Beach Reviews

We provide you with several reasons and highlights that will help you consider Samara as your next vacation destination. Contact us anytinme for more information


What to do in Samara

Ready for going on a boat tour in search of dolphins, or are you interested in a kayaking and snorkeling trip to Chora Island ? Trips and actviities in the area.


Where to eat ?

The comunity is also famous for the abundant variety in Restaurants and Bars, from little local SODAS to gourmet Italian and French dining, you will find it all ...