Di Mare Di Vino, at Hotel Giada, is among the best restaurants in Samara. Here you can enjoy great lunch and dinner, as well as a hearty breakfasts. Pizza, Seafood and local and Italian cuisine are mong the menu items.

Di Mare Di Vino Restaurant

Restaurant Hotel Giada Samara

Great restaurant and Pizzeria

  1. Seafood
  2. Pizza
  3. Italian Pastas
  4. International Cuisine
  5. Local specialties

The Di Mare Di Vino restaurant is a typical Italian restaurant specializing in pasta, pizza and fish and seafood, here you enjoy authentic Italian cuisine with the best typical Italian ingredients brought from Italy. We also fix some typical dish of the Costa Rican cuisine such as ceviche, casado and rice with shrimp. You can also enjoy delicious cocktails and always natural fresh juice and naturally good Italiano wine idea for lunch or dinner. During 20 years, during which we have been evolving and growing, always with the eagerness to satisfy the palates of our customers, who have rewarded us with their recommendations both to become one of the most popular restaurants in the area, by tourists and residents of the area. We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, all year. in addition to the menu we offer 2 proposals interesting and convenient menu for groups and individuals, which can also be purchased at time of reservation online; See them and book by phone 26560848 or e-mail to: info@dimaredivino@gmail.com

Di Mare Di Vino Samara Beach

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